Semarang (24/7) A workshop themed on how to write books and get ISBN has been successfully conducted by the Department of Chemsitry, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Diponegoro University. The workshop was venued in one of examination rooms in the third floor of the Dean Building of the faculty. The speaker of the workshop was Drs. Jozep Edyamto, S.E, the director of a well-known publishing company Graha Ilmu in Yogyakarta. The workshop was participated by lecturers and academicians of the Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics as well as of other faculties.

The workshop was officially commenced by the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Dr. Widowati, by expressing his hope that the workshop would encourage the lecturers to produce more writings so that academic productivity might be enhanced in terms of scientific writings such as handouts and other academic writings. More productivity in scientific writings would lead to advantageous implication particularly in campus assessment and accreditation thus the goal of the campus to become a world class university might be easier to achieve. In addition, Dr. Dwi Hudiyanti as the Head of the Department of Chemistry marked her forewords and gratitude to all parties that took part in the workshop, and in support to what is expected beforehand, she hoped that the workshop would motivate lecturers in the department to be more productive in scientific writing.

In his presentation, Drs. Jozep Edyanto, S.E explained that lecturers were not limited to writing and publishing handouts and journals. More than those, they could produce other kinds of writings such as references and monographs. Reference is a thorough compilation of previous researches that is different from handouts in a way that it contains more specific information and cannot be a primary reference in course. Handouts on the other hand is particularly intended as the reference in courses. It covers general information of a particular course. In addition, a monograph is a type of scientific writing more specific than a reference book that usually covers in-depth and particular information of a subject matter. Drs. Jozep Edyanto, S.E in his remarks stated that lecturers were not supposed to mind the potential sale of their writings when they start. The fear of market response to their writings should not be taken into consideration. Ideas should be in their part, while market and sales would be the consideration of the publishing companies.

Furthermore, he marked that the emrgence of industrial era 4.0 would give significant impact to scientific writing industry. Printed materials had decreased as electronic devices had come to advance in accessing electronic materials through user-friendly and portable devices such as laptop and smartphone. Publishing companies is demanded to adapt with this challenge of technological advance. Graha Ilmu as the supporting publishing company has developed online library application that can be easily downloaded from Google Playstore, through whose users can have access to digital readings after signing up. Inactivity or idle within 30 minutes will automatically trigger the stop of access of particular reading to be passed on other users in line.



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