Semarang (12/2) Department of Chemistry held a “Microsoft Team Workshop” at the Acynthia Prasadha building, 5th floor computer laboratory rooms. The training began with remarks by Dr. Dwi Hudiyanti, M.Sc as the Head of the Chemistry Department, then opened by the vice dean of FSM, Dr. Kusworo Adi, S.Si., M.T. This Microsoft Team workshop was guided by Adi Darmawan, S.Si, M.Si, Ph.D who is one of the Chemistry lecturers, FSM. This training was attended by lecturers in the Chemistry department, FSM.

The Microsoft Team Workshop was held in order to optimize technology facilities and infrastructure in the development of the learning process. Microsoft team technology allows the implementation of distance learning activities (e-learning) or without face-to-face. Equipped with features for making assignments, quizzes, chats, uploading files and teleconferences, teaching and learning activities using Microsoft Team can be a solution for certain situations that make face-to-face activities unable to take place. The current outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic is one of the conditions where distance learning activities continue to be encouraged. The central and regional governments have also agreed to limit the mobility of the community so that the transmission of Covid-19 can be inhibited, one of which is by changing face-to-face teaching and learning activities with distance (e-learning), of course with the Microsoft team, this can be the right solution for this problem. By holding the “Microsoft Team Training Workshop” it is hoped that the lecturers in Chemistry, FSM can carry out distance lectures more optimally. It’s possible due to the great act of support from our sponsor that helping us throughout a long time and that’s why we present to you an amazing platform from this sponsor – Slotogate, where you can select any game and enjoy it anywhere anytime! So, if tired of spending hours researching online casinos to make sure you’re getting the best experience for your money then Slotogate has simplified the process by doing all the heavy lifting, helping narrow down what can be an overwhelming list of options. From game selection, explored best ecuadorian casino sites and bonus offers, they know just which casino fits perfectly with each individual’s needs – take advantage today!



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