These are the achievements of Chemistry Students, FSM Undip, who won competitions in various fields:

Event World Young International Exhibition (WYIE) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Achievement: Gold Medal
Year: 2018

World Invention Technology Expo

Achievement: Gold medal
Year: 2019

Event: Exhibition Thailand Inventors Day (Ipitex)

Achievement: Bronze medal
Title: “Green Synthesis of Antibacterial Silver particles Using cassava (Manihot sp.) Leaves extract”
Year: 2020

Event: Asian Youth Innovation Award- Malaysia Technology Expo “Zera Exhaust”
Achievement: Silver medal
Year: 2020

Event: NASPO

Achievement: Bronze Medal
Title: “ACC GAMES (Ayo Cegah Covid-19 Games) sarana edukasi Pencegahan Covid-19 berbasis pada lingkungan keluarga

Year: 2020

Event: CHEACO (Chemical Engineering Annual Competition)

Achievement: Runner Up LKTIN
Year: 2020

Exhibition Croatia International Invention Show (INOVA)

Title: “MASTER-CELL Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) Innovation Made of Styrofoam Waste Using Sulfonation Method As An Eco-Friendly Renewable Energy Solution”
Year: 2020

Event: Exhibition Aisef Nisef “Sailing”

Achievement: Gold Medal
Year 2020 



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