Semarang (2/6/2021) Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Undip finally has a Professor for the first time. The highest academic degree was finally achieved by Prof. Dr. Dra. Meiny Suzery, MS, Prof. Dr. Dwi Hudiyanti, M.Sc and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Cholid Djunaidi, S.Si, M.Sc. The three Chemistry professors were inaugurated along with 21 other professors in the Undip Professor inauguration Parade at the Prof. Building. Soedarto, Undip from Tuesday, May 25, 2021, to Thursday, June 10, 2021. Prof. Meiny Suzery herself was inaugurated on Tuesday, May 25, 2021, followed by Prof. Dwi Hudiyanti (Thursday, 27 May 2021) and finally Prof. Cholid Djunaidi (Monday, 31 May 2021). The three professors are graduates of the Professor acceleration program organized by Undip OPOC (One Professor One Candidate).

Professor is the highest academic degree that requires hard work and strong motivation to achieve it. For this reason, the presence of a new Professor in the Department of Chemistry is expected to be a motivation for other lecturers to achieve the highest academic degree. In addition, having a Professor can be very helpful in developing various aspects of the tri dharma of higher education (Education, Research, and Service) at the Department, Faculty and University levels. Furthermore, this is a very good achievement, because in one period of the inauguration of professors by Undip, the Department of Chemistry was able to produce 3 professors at once. Prof. Meiny Suzery herself received the title of professor in the field of organic chemistry of natural materials, Prof. Dwi Hudiyanti received a professorship in Biophysical Chemistry and Prof. M. Cholid Djunaidi holds a professorship in Analytical Chemistry.





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