Semarang (16/09/2021), Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Diponegoro University held an online talkshow entitled “Alumni Talk Series”. In this first series, we invite Roy Wibisono A P, the founder and owner of “Naruna Ceramics Studio”. Roy himself is an alumnus of Undip Chemistry class 1992. He told a unique story where basic knowledge in developing his ceramic business started from the topic of his thesis with the theme of ceramics also under the guidance of the late. Dra. Taslimah, M.Si. He said that Chemistry alumni should be proud and able to explore their abilities when they are in the world of work, more specifically, Roy also gave his unique experience as a technopreneur that there are many challenges that must be faced in the entrepreneurial world, but he also shared that there are many benefits and advantages. happiness while managing a business, such as being able to create jobs, and how to organize a company. He also emphasized on technopreneurship where in technopreneurship requires expertise in the field of research, both in technology, industrial raw materials and processes as well as market opportunities. Research which is the “spirit” in the Chemistry curriculum is expected to be owned by every Chemistry graduate that can be applied in various fields. The first series was attended by 132 students from various circles, both alumni, students and lecturers. The “Alumni Talk Series” is expected to inspire students to be more motivated in pursuing education in chemistry, share insights and experiences in the world of work as well as a gathering place for alumni.



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