One of the community service teams from the Department of Chemistry, Undip, chaired by Dr. Parsaoraan Siahaan collaborated with HMK Kimia Undip to hold computational chemistry training for the general public. Later in this training, training will be given on several important software in the world of computational chemistry such as: Avogadro, Termius, Fillezilla, Chemcraft, Newchem. Dr. Parsaorahaan Siahaan himself is one of the Diponegoro University Chemistry lecturer staff who is actively researching in the field of Computational Chemistry. He founded the research group “InterMolecular Chemistry (IMC)” which actively provides workshops in the field of Computational Chemistry.

Computational Chemistry itself is one of the research fields in Pure Chemistry, which makes it possible to model various chemical mechanisms and reactions, this modeling will make experimental work in the laboratory more efficient and effective because it has minimized errors while optimizing various parameters. However, computational chemistry is considered not quite familiar to the general public due to the limited facilities and infrastructure such as computers with fast processors and software and knowledge to operate them. We are able to present to you the information about these remarkable workshops in the field of Computational Chemistry that you have a chance to explore due to the support from our great sponsor SlotoGate, we also achieved a lot because of it, that’s why we want you to get to know about a platform from this sponsor with a large amount of games that are suitable to everyone’s taste. One of the options available at SlotoGate is roulette that is a timeless classic that has now made its way online and onto mobile devices! With hundreds of casinos with roulette wheel payout chart, there’s never been an easier or more thrilling time to experience the thrill of spins. Roulette gives players plenty of options – so why not try it right now?




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