Semarang 22 December 2022-Sarah Raselia, Student from the Inorganic Laboratory successfully passed her thesis trial with a modified natural zeolite cap with Ag(I) ion as an antibacterial. The natural zeolite he obtained was then modified through the impregnation method with Ag (I) ions. Metal impregnation is expected to be able to bring out the antibacterial properties of natural zeolite materials. This material can be said to be interesting because zeolite which is a porous material is widely used as a catalyst or adsorbent, but under the guidance of Mrs. Sriatun, M.Si and Mrs. Sriyanti, M.Si Sarah managed to modify the zeolite to be able to act as an antibacterial. As for the thesis session, Sarah Raselia was attended by: Dr. Rahmad Nuryanto, Dr. Khairul Anam and Mr. Pardoyo, M.Sc.




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