Friday, 19 May 2023. the Faculty of Science and Mathematics at Diponegoro University is organizing a graduation ceremony for students in the Chemistry program. This yudisium is a significant milestone in their academic journey, where students who have completed all educational requirements and academic tasks will receive official recognition of their Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry.

Here is the list of students who will be graduating at this event:

  1. Abdurohman Zakki
  2. Annida Muhimatul Latifah
  3. Denandha Putri Ayuningrum
  4. Desy Ismawati
  5. Dyarahman Tudeca Sesario
  6. Faizul Muna Amalia
  7. Figostar Hartono
  8. Kyla Rahma Sanchia
  9. Lolta Saribi Tampubolon
  10. Mohammad Darwis Fayiz
  11. Putri Dyah Pratiwi
  12. Widya Azairoh
  13. Zafna Faricha Fahma

Each student mentioned above has completed the curriculum established by the Chemistry program. They have successfully completed various courses, including organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, chemical analysis, and other related topics. Additionally, they have conducted independent research or final projects, which are integral parts of the Chemistry program.

The yudisium is not the end of the students’ academic journey but rather the beginning of their entry into the professional world as Chemistry graduates. It is expected that each graduate will apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired during their studies to make positive contributions in the field of chemistry and related industries.

The Faculty of Science and Mathematics at Diponegoro University congratulates all the students who have successfully met the requirements to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. May their success in this graduation ceremony serve as motivation for continuous learning and self-development in the future. May they face challenges with courage and move forward with confidence. Wishing them a bright and successful future as professionals in the field of Chemistry!



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