On June 7, 2023, a student team from Diponegoro University reached the final round and received recognition in the Circular Innovation Competition 2023. The competition, organized by Circular Cities Asia and sponsored by the Konrad Adenauer Shiftung, is a prestigious event in Asia that involves universities collaborating with Circular Cities Asia.

The team, consisting of Luthfiah Putri (Chemistry ’19), Ahmad Aldi Muhadir (Chemistry ’19), and M. Alka Taufiqurrahman (Chemical Engineering ’19), impressed the judges with their innovative idea called “BioBubble.” Recognizing the significant increase in online shopping and the subsequent rise in plastic bubble wrap waste, the team devised a solution known as BioBubble: a biodegradable bubble wrap made from banana peel waste.

The BioBubble concept focuses on the principles of a circular economy, where used products can still be utilized. Once BioBubble has served its purpose, it can be recycled and naturally decomposes in the soil within a few days, unlike conventional plastic bubble wrap. Thus, BioBubble offers an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution to the issue of plastic waste.

Prior to reaching the final round, the team underwent several mentoring sessions with Circular Cities Asia and various startups and entrepreneurs in the sustainability field. These mentoring sessions provided valuable insights and feedback for the development of their idea.

During the final round, the Diponegoro University student team delivered a presentation and answered questions from the judges regarding their BioBubble idea. With their exceptional presentation skills and profound understanding of sustainability and the circular economy, the team impressed the judges and received recognition in the competition.

The achievement of the Diponegoro University student team serves as a testament that sustainable and eco-friendly innovations can be generated through hard work and collaboration. It is hoped that the BioBubble idea will inspire the development of other sustainable solutions and drive positive change in addressing current environmental challenges.



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