Diponegoro University, Semarang, Indonesia – September 19, 2023

The Department of Chemistry at Diponegoro University is proud to announce a significant achievement in the field of education. The Department of Chemistry has obtained excellent accreditation from the Independent Higher Education Accreditation Agency (LAMSAMA) for the Bachelor’s Program in Chemistry. This accreditation is valid from September 14, 2023, to September 14, 2028, reinforcing the Department of Chemistry’s position as a leading center for chemical education in Indonesia.

This outstanding accreditation achievement is evidence of the Department of Chemistry’s commitment to providing high-quality education, world-class research, and various services beneficial to society. The department has shown remarkable dedication to raising educational standards and ensuring students receive the best educational experience.

Prof. Adi Darmawan, Ph.D., the Head of the Department of Chemistry at Diponegoro University, expressed deep gratitude to all those who contributed to this success. He stated, “We are delighted and thankful for this achievement. It is the result of the hard work and collaboration of the entire Department of Chemistry team, including faculty members, educational staff, students, alumni, and all those who have provided invaluable support to us. We are committed to continually improving the quality of our education and research for a brighter future.”

This excellent accreditation provides well-deserved recognition for the high educational standards and the quality of graduates produced by the Bachelor’s Program in Chemistry at Diponegoro University. It also reflects the Department of Chemistry’s determination to innovate continuously in curriculum, research, and community service.

Diponegoro University’s Department of Chemistry believes that this achievement will serve as a strong foundation for further outstanding accomplishments in the future. It is a historic milestone in their journey towards academic excellence and a sustainable contribution to the field of chemistry and society.

Congratulations to the Department of Chemistry at Diponegoro University on this remarkable achievement, and may this success inspire other educational institutions to strive for excellence in education.



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