In Indonesia, particularly in the field of anti-cancer studies, expertise and adequate research access remain extremely limited. Research on anti-cancer testing is still greatly constrained by various factors, necessitating urgent collaborations and partnerships with foreign institutions. The Faculty of Science and Mathematics at Diponegoro University (UNDIP) acknowledges the importance of expanding knowledge in the healthcare field, especially in anti-cancer studies, and strives to broaden international cooperation networks.

As an effort to enhance research quality and knowledge within the academic community, the Visiting Professor program is one of the initiatives being implemented. On September 4-9, 2023, the Faculty of Science and Mathematics at UNDIP successfully hosted Professor Wen-Tai Chiu from the Department of Biomedical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. With a wealth of research experience in cancer-related fields, Prof. Chiu is expected to contribute significantly.

The primary goal of Prof. Chiu’s presence as a speaker is to provide deeper insight and knowledge to the academic community at UNDIP regarding anti-cancer research. By bringing in an individual with extensive experience in this field, it is hoped to stimulate the development of knowledge and offer fresh perspectives for students and lecturers.

Beyond simply delivering lectures, this event also aims to expand cross-border cooperation. UNDIP hopes to build closer relationships with National Cheng Kung University and related institutions in Taiwan. Alongside an increasingly positive international reputation, sustained cooperation is anticipated in research, joint publications, and various international mobility activities such as summer courses, staff exchanges, and research internships.

Not only to enhance knowledge and institutional cooperation, but Prof. Chiu’s presence is also expected to act as a catalyst for UNDIP students and faculty to actively engage in international activities. With opportunities like summer courses, staff exchanges, and research internships becoming available, it is hoped that students and faculty can broaden their horizons and actively contribute to advancing global anti-cancer research.

From this Visiting Professor program, the aspiration extends beyond the mere dissemination of information to the formation of strong bonds between UNDIP and international experts in the field of anti-cancer studies. Through close collaboration, the hope is to create new breakthroughs in cancer treatment that will have a significant impact on society.

With continuity in activities like this, UNDIP is committed to continuously improving the quality of research and education in the field of anti-cancer studies, moving further towards better prevention and treatment of this deadly disease. Achieving the dream of creating a world free from the threat of cancer is not an easy endeavor, but with robust collaboration and evolving knowledge, we can move towards that goal.

May this Visiting Professor program mark the beginning of a brilliant journey for UNDIP in making strides in anti-cancer research and contributing sustainably to the international research community.



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