In a prestigious research competition, students from Diponegoro University have achieved remarkable success by winning a bronze medal in the APEC Yes Challenge 2023. Dhita Syaqila Nurul Izhmi (Chemistry 2021), Ikeda Sakaue Ubariah Panjaitan (Environmental Engineering 2022), and Natasya Olivia Hutagaol (Accounting 2021) proudly represented the university in a competition that drew participants from around the world.

The APEC Yes Challenge, held in Indonesia, provided a global stage for participants with educational backgrounds ranging from undergraduate to doctoral levels. The competition aims to encourage ideas and innovations in promoting economic cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.

Journey to Victory

Through a challenging journey, the team from Diponegoro University successfully reached the top 10 finalists after undergoing seven rounds of selection. The selection process began with official registration and proceeded through various stages, concluding with the final presentation. The team’s research theme was “Toward Circular Agriculture: Hydrogel Fertilizer From Empty Palm Oil Bunches as an Application of the Zero Waste Concept.”

Innovation and Perseverance

The student team showcased brilliant innovation by developing hydrogel fertilizer from empty palm oil bunches as a concrete step toward the zero-waste concept. This research was presented through the Center for Advanced Biohydrogen Technology (ACBT), a part of Green Synergy Social Solutions, with the goal of achieving net-zero in efforts to maintain a clean and sustainable planet.

Rigorous Selection Process

The journey to the bronze medal was not easy. The team had to navigate through seven stages of selection, including official registration, submission of research concepts, semi-pitch presentations, video pitch submissions, final pitch announcements, completing forms from BRIN, and the final presentation. Their dedication and perseverance were recognized through their success in achieving the top position in this competition.

Hopes for the Future

By winning the bronze medal in the APEC Yes Challenge 2023, the Diponegoro University student team has proven that their vision for sustainable agriculture and the zero-waste concept has a positive impact. This achievement holds great promise for the future, where innovative ideas from students can make a real contribution to preserving the sustainability of our planet. Congratulations to the Diponegoro University team; may this achievement serve as a stepping stone for even greater accomplishments in the future.



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