In the graduation period 172, a gleam of hope and pride accompanied Luthfiah Putri Nur’aini, a student who managed to carve out an extraordinary achievement as the top graduate of the Chemistry Program with a Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.87. This success not only bears witness to Luthfiah’s intelligence but also reflects her dedication and hard work throughout her academic journey.

Innovative Research in Organic Chemistry

One of Luthfiah’s outstanding achievements is her research titled “Nanoencapsulation of Hiptolide from Hyptis pectinata (L.) Poit with Chitosan, Pectin, and TPP Using the Complex Coacervation Method.” This research is not just an ordinary scientific work but a breakthrough in the field of organic chemistry. Luthfiah successfully combined creativity and scholarly knowledge to create a nanoencapsulation method with significant potential in the development of future pharmaceuticals.

Guidance from Experts in Organic Chemistry

Luthfiah’s remarkable journey is inseparable from the guidance of two experts in organic chemistry, Prof. Dr. Dra. Meiny Suzery, M.S., and Prof. Dr. Bambang Cahyono, M.S. With their knowledge and experience, Luthfiah was able to step confidently through each stage of her research. This guidance not only provided direction but also broadened insights and deepened understanding of the scientific field she pursued.

Motivational Words from Luthfiah Putri Nur’aini

As the top graduate, Luthfiah imparts motivational words that inspire many. “Success is not the end of our journey but the beginning of a greater adventure. Every obstacle is an opportunity to grow, and every failure is a stepping stone towards success,” expressed Luthfiah with enthusiasm.

“Never hesitate to dream and reach for those dreams. Every effort and every step we take bring us closer to our dreams. Keep striving because every journey begins with one step,” she added sincerely.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Luthfiah’s achievement is not only a personal pride but also an inspiration for future generations of students. She proves that with determination, hard work, and perseverance, everyone can reach the pinnacle of success. May the illustrious journey of Luthfiah Putri Nur’aini be a spotlight and a source of encouragement for young students and researchers to pursue their dreams with confidence.



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