Diponegoro University, Semarang, 14th September 2023 — A momentous occasion unfolded at Undip as two distinguished chemistry lecturers were formally appointed as professors in the field. The newly anointed Prof. Adi Darmawan, S.Si., M.Si., Ph.D., and Prof. Dr. Parsaoran Siahaan, M.S., marked this significant milestone with enlightening speeches during the prestigious Professorial Inauguration Ceremony.

Prof. Adi Darmawan’s Address: Revolutionizing Energy and Water Solutions

In a captivating speech, Prof. Adi Darmawan delved into his groundbreaking research, captivating the audience with insights into his work on “Membran Silika untuk Pemisahan Hidrogen dan Desalinasi Sebagai Solusi Energi dan Penyediaan Air Bersih” (Silica Membranes for Hydrogen Separation and Desalination as Energy and Clean Water Solutions). His dedication to addressing crucial global challenges through innovative solutions left an indelible mark.

Prof. Parsaoran Siahaan’s Vision: Unraveling Peptide Interaction for Blood-Brain Barrier Modulation

Following suit, Prof. Parsaoran Siahaan took the stage, captivating the audience with his expertise in “Pemodelan Molekul Sistem Interaksi Antarmolekul Senyawa Peptida pada Modulasi Blood-Brain Barrier” (Molecular Modeling of Peptide Compound Intermolecular Interaction Systems in Blood-Brain Barrier Modulation). His commitment to unraveling the complexities of molecular systems earned him well-deserved recognition.

The dual appointments not only acknowledge the professors’ outstanding contributions to the field of chemistry but also underscore Undip’s commitment to fostering cutting-edge research and academic excellence.

Undip’s Commitment to Excellence

Diponegoro University continues to be a beacon of academic achievement, further solidifying its reputation as a hub for groundbreaking research and innovation. The newly appointed professors symbolize Undip’s dedication to advancing knowledge and addressing pressing global challenges.

As the academic community rejoices in this momentous occasion, the ripple effects of Prof. Adi Darmawan and Prof. Parsaoran Siahaan’s work are anticipated to extend far beyond the university walls, leaving an enduring impact on the realms of energy solutions, water purification, and molecular modulation.

Undip invites all stakeholders to join in celebrating this moment of triumph and looks forward to the continued contributions of these distinguished professors in shaping the future of chemistry and academia.



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