The Chateliers team of Chemistry students from the Faculty of Science and Mathematics (FSM) at Diponegoro University (Undip) clinched the top spot in the Eber Petrochemical’s Applied Chemistry (EPACC) 2023 competition, a remarkable achievement to be proud of. This prestigious competition recently took place in Jakarta, and the three team members, Safiya Akmal (ID Number 24030121140142), Anggita Hastuti (ID Number 24030121130076), and Qorina Az-Zahra Awwalina (ID Number 24030121140168), along with their supervising lecturer, Drs. Pratama Jujur Wibawa, M.Si., Ph.D., successfully etched their names at the pinnacle.

The theme of this first-ever competition posed a unique challenge where all ideas and scientific paper titles had to center around n-Butyl Acetate (NBAC). This initiative was driven by the organizers’ desire to stimulate innovative and creative ideas from academics in Indonesia, especially chemistry students and their mentors. NBAC, as a product of Eber, became the focal point for enhancing and expanding its spectrum of uses and benefits.

In their submitted research proposal, the Chateliers team presented the “Chlorination Study of NBAC into Cyclized Ketals as Intermediate Polymers Derived from NBAC and Its Potential as a Matrix for Fuel Cells.” This research promises significant contributions to the understanding of NBAC and its potential as a primary material in fuel cell technology.

The competition took place from January to July 2023, with results announced in mid-November 2023. The success of the Chateliers team is not only recognized with prestigious accolades but also with appreciation awards, including cash prizes, 5 kg of NBAC material, certificates of recognition, and commemorative plaques. Their achievement is tangible evidence of perseverance and dedication in delivering meaningful contributions to the field of applied chemistry.

This success is not just a triumph for Them, but also an inspiration for students and researchers throughout Indonesia. The Chateliers team has proven that strong innovation and collaboration can bring about positive changes in the development of science and technology.

Chateliers team (left to right): Anggita Hastuti Pratiwi, Safiya Akmal, Qorina Az-Zahra Awwalina, and Drs. Pratama Jujur Wibawa, M.Si., Ph.D (supervisor)



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