Introduction: Hello! Allow me to introduce myself, I am Bryant Andhika Prayoga from the Chemistry class of 2021. This year, I had the opportunity to participate in the faculty-level Academic Potential Improvement (Pilmapres) competition and successfully made it through to Undip’s 2024 Pilmapres. The Pilmapres program was something I came to know about during my third or fourth semester through information provided by my professors. It tests various aspects of academic achievements and capabilities, with a selection process that is both challenging and rigorous. I am grateful for the chance to have passed through the stages and emerged as the Mawapres (Outstanding Student) for the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in 2023, and subsequently as Undip’s Mawapres for 2024.

The Motivation: My motivation stemmed from a desire to challenge myself within the scope of my own faculty. While I have participated in inter-university and international competitions, I wanted to assess my abilities within my academic community. I sought to improve myself, seeking guidance from professors, experienced peers, and learning invaluable skills such as idea formulation and public speaking. Most importantly, participating in Pilmapres allowed me to cultivate qualities such as honesty, ambition, and humility.

Your Achievement is Your Own: One fascinating aspect of Pilmapres is that your achievements belong solely to you. Through this process, I discovered my love for challenges and realized the importance of self-motivation. Some of the achievements that supported my Pilmapres journey include:

  • Patent for “BUNDARAN” (Emergency Antibacterial Soap), an innovative creation.
  • Copyright for the “BIOSENSOR GLUKOSA DARI LIMBAH CANGKANG TELUR/GLUKOSA OKSIDASE/ALGINAT SEBAGAI PENDETEKSI KADAR GULA YANG SEDERHANA, AKURAT, DAN MURAH” (Glucose Biosensor from Eggshell Waste/Glucose Oxidase/Alginate as a Simple, Accurate, and Affordable Glucose Detector) poster.
  • Fully Funded Scholarship recipient for the FRT-Indonesian Awards for Research Collaboration by The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.
  • Winner of Sponsorship and Scholarship Funding for Scientific Papers and Research Collaborations totaling $19,147.43 across 3 continents and 12 countries.
  • Founder and CEO of AIYEMEP, overseeing a team of 3 international staff members (United Kingdom, Malaysia, and Turkey).

It’s time to set your goals: Through my journey as a Mawapres, I hope to convey that motivation can stem from simple beginnings, as long as it comes from within and is accompanied by a determination to enhance one’s future prospects.

In conclusion, I live by the principle that life offers no second chances. Therefore, I strive to seize every opportunity for kindness and goodness, as I may not encounter the same paths or people twice.

This achievement stands as a testament to the potential within each of us, waiting to be unlocked through dedication, perseverance, and a commitment to excellence.

Bryant Andhika Prayoga (Chemistry 2021)



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