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Anjalya Figo Nur Sabarina’s Bachelor Thesis Defense

Semarang 28 September 2022-Anjalya Figo Nur Sabarina’s bachelor thesis defence was declared passed on Wednesday, 28 September 2022. The trial was held in the Inorganic laboratory meeting room. Anjalya Figo, while completing her final assignment, was under the guidance of Adi Darmawan Ph.D and Damar Nurwahyu Bima, M.Si with the title “SYNTHESIS AND CHARACTERIZATION OF GRAPHENIC OXIDE MEMBRANES (GO) INTERCALATED POLYVINYL ALCOHOL (PVA) WITH Zn(II) CROSS-LINKER FOR DESALINATION”. While the composition of the testers were: Sriatun,S.Si,M.Si (Test Lecturer I), Khabibi,S.Si,M.Si (Examiner II), Dr. Parsaoran Siahaan, M.S (Examiner III and Deputy Department). It is hoped that after passing the script trial, Anjalya Figo can contribute to society with the various knowledge and skills acquired while in the Chemistry Department. To support the student, our partners provided her with access to bonuses from mobile us casinos.



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