Prof. Dr. M. Cholid. Djunaidi, M.Si, S.Si

Muhammad Cholid Djunaidi

S.Si, M.Si. Dr.


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ID Scopus: 56968180800



Diponegoro University, 1988-1994

Isolation of Triterpenoids from Flowers of Artocarpus Communis (Kluweh)

Supervisor: Dra. Meiny Suzery, M.Si



Bandung Institute of Technology, 1998-2001

Mechanism of Transport of Lanthanum Metal through SLM with Di-2-Ethylhexylphosphoric Acid (D2EHPA) and Tributylphosphate (TBP) Mixed Carrier (Synergy, Complex Formation and Characterization)

Supervisor: Dr. Buchari



Gadjah Mada University, 2010-2016

Adsorption And Selective Transport Of Fe(III) And Phenol Using Ion And Molecular Imprinted Polyeugenol

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jumina, Dr. Dwi Siswanta


Research Projects

No Research Projects Year Budget (Rp.) Source of Funds
1 Green Manufacturing and Characterization of Super Adsorbents from Functionalized Organic Waste Natural Ingredients for Detoxification of Shrimp Pond Ponds 2021 546.467.000 PTUPT Grant 2021
2 Development of Microscale Chemistry Kit for Practical Learning with Various Levels of Inquiry to improve Students’ Science Process Skills 2020 972.005.000 2020 Character Grant
3 Eugenol-Based Glucose Imprinted Polymer Membrane Synthesis 2020 216.558.300 2020 Basic Research Grant
4 Eugenol Based Glucose Sensor Fabrication with Molecularly Imprinted Polymer (MIP) Technique 2020 115.567.800 2020 Basic Research Grant
5 Adsorption Imprinted Gold Based Natural Ingredients Eugenol 2020   45.000.000 Research Research Development and Application (RPP)
6 Seawater Desalination Using Polymer Inclusion Membrane Continuously 2019   46.000.000 Research Research Development and Application (RPP)
7 Gold Separation Using Ionic Imprinted Membrane (IIM) Based On Eugenol From Waste 2018 210.510.000 College Leading Applied Research
8 Eugenol-Based and Imprpinted Molecule Hemodialysis Membrane Synthesis 2018 299.190.779 Postdoctoral Research
9 Selective mechanism of adsorption molecularly imprinted polymer (mip) based on natural compounds eugenol with crosslinker ethylene glycol diglycidylether (EGDE) 2016   75.000.000 Fundamental Grants 2016-2017



1 Synthesis of Ionic Imprinted Polymer Particle for Selective Membrane Transport of Fe(III) using Polyeugenol as the Functional Polymer .

Djunaidi, Muhammad Cholid; Jumina, Siswanta, Dwi; Ulbricht, Mathias

Oriental Journal of Chemistry, volume 32(1)(2016) p 77-84


Muhammad Cholid Djunaidi, Retno Ariadi Lusiana, Pardoyo and Meta Dian Arini

Oriental Journal of Chemistry volume 33(6)(2017) p2992-2997

3 Separation of Cu2+, Cd2+ and Cr3+ in a mixture solution using a novel carrier Poly(Methyl Thiazoleethyl Eugenoxy Acetate) with BLM (Bulk Liquid Membrane) technique

M C Djunaidi, Khabibi and I Ulumudin

IOP Conf Ser: mater.Sci. Eng 172 (2017) Volume 172 (1)(2017)

4 Recovery Chrom (VI) From Electroplating Waste Using Supported Liquid Membrane (SLM) Method, A Study Of The Influence Of NaCl And pH In Receiving Phase On Transport

Muhammad Cholid Djunaidi, Retno A. Lusiana, and Maya D. Rahayu

IOP Conf Ser: mater.Sci. Eng 205 (2017) 012010 Volume 205(1)(2017), p. 012010)

5 Desalination of Sea Water Using Polymer Inclusion Membrane (PIM) With Aliquat 336-TBP (Tributhyl Phosphate) as Carrier Compound

Muhammad Cholid Djunaidi, Henry Fauzi and Rum Hastuti

Matec Web series 156 (2018) The 24th Regional Symposium on Chemical Engineering (RSCE 2017)

6 Separation of Chrom(VI) From Electroplating Waste Using Polymer Inclusion Membrane (PIM) Method

Muhammad Cholid Djunaidi, Khabibi Khabibi, Rizka Nurfitriana

Alchemy Chemical research journal Vol. 13 (2017), Issue: 1, pages 113-132

7 Separation of Lead(II) Metal Ions Using Impregnated Resin (SIR) with D2EHPA

Ika Yunita,  Muhammad Cholid Djunaidi,  Abdul Haris

Journal of Chemistry, Science and Applications Volume 20 (2) (2017) : 68 – 73

8 Effect of Heparin Transplant Agent on Creatinine and Urea Transport Ability of Chitosan Derived Membranes

Fathur Al Baani,  Retno Ariadi Lusiana,  Muhammad Cholid Djunaidi

Journal of Chemistry, Science and Applications Volume 20 (2), (2017) 92 – 94

9 Recovery of Cu(II) and Cr(VI) Metals from Electroplating Liquid Waste Using Polymer Inclusion Membrane (PIM)

Muhammad Cholid Djunaidi, Nor Basid Adiwibawa Prasetya, Nur Asih Setyowati, Khabibi Khabibi, Khoirun Nita Ulfia

REACTOR Volume: June 2018 ISBN /ISSN : 0852-0798, Vol. 13, Issue:1, pages 16-23

10 Synthesis of A Novel Carrier Compound Thiazoethyl Methyl Eugenoxyacetate from Eugenol and Its Use in the Bulk Liquid Membrane Technique

Muhammad Cholid Djunaidi, Pratama Jujur Wibawa, Ratna Hari Murti

Indonesian Journal of Chemistry., ISBN /ISSN : 2042-4876 Volume18 (1), (2018) pages: 121-126

11 Ab initio computational study of –NC and –OC bonding formation : functional group modification reaction based chitosan

P Siahaan, S N M Salimah, M J Sipangkar, D Hudiyanti, M C Djunaidi and M D Laksitorini

IOP Conf Ser: mater.Sci. Eng 349 (2018)

12 The Impact of Template Types on Polyeugenol to the Adsorption Selectivity of Ionic Imprinted Polymer (IIP) Fe Metal Ion

M C Djunaidi, A Haris, Pardoyo, Rosdiana K

IOP Conf Ser: mater.Sci. Eng 349 (2018)

13 Removal of Methylene Blue Using Used Paper Powder

Ghina Labiebah,  Gunawan Gunawan,  Muhammad Cholid Djunaidi ,  Abdul Haris,  Didik Setiyo Widodo

Journal of Chemistry, Science and Applications, Volume 22 (1), (2019) 23 – 28.

14 Computational Approach to Evaluate Eugenol Affinity and Derivatives Empirical Against Cu(II)

Muhammad Cholid Djunaidi, Tantri Nevi Astuti, Parsaoran Siahaan

Molecule Vol. Volume 14 (2) November 2019

15 Potential Adsorption of Heavy Metal Ions by Eugenol Compounds and Derivatives through Ions Imprinted

Muhammad Cholid Djunaidi,  Khabibi Khabibi

Journal of Chemistry, Science and Applications Volume 22 (6), (2019) 263 – 268

16 Synthesis, Characterization And Selectivity Of Molecular Imprinted Polymer (MIP) Glucose Using Polyeugenol As A Functional Polymer

Muhammad  C. Djunaidi1, Yayuk Astuti

RAYAN Journal of Chemistry Volume 12(2)(2019) p 809-821

17 Synthesis of eugenol-based selective membrane for hemodialysis

Muhammad Cholid Djunaidi, I Gede Wenten

IOP Conf Ser: mater.Sci. Eng 509 (2019)

18 Synthesis of polyeugenoxy acetyl thiophene methanolate as a new selective carrier

Muhammad Cholid Djunaidi, Retno Ariadi Lusiana, Pardoyo, Didik Setiyo Widodo, Titi Wulan Utami

IOP Conf Ser: mater.Sci. Eng 509 (2019)

19 In-Situ Ionic Imprinted Membrane (IIM) Synthesis Based on Acetic Polyeugenoxy Acetyl Tiophen Methanolate for Gold(III) Metal Ion Transports

Muhammad Cholid Djunaidi, Pardoyo Pardoyo, Didik Setiyo Widodo, Retno Ariadi Lusiana, Anggun Yuliani

Indonesian Journal of Chemistry Vol 20, No 6 (2020), pp 1323-1331

20 Polysulfone Influence on Au Selective Adsorbent Imprinted Membrane Synthesis with Sulfonated Polyeugenol as Functional Polymer

Muhammad Cholid Djunaidi, Nor Basid Adiwibawa Prasetya, Arini Khoiriyah,Pardoyo Pardoyo,Abdul Haris, Nabilah Anindita Febriola

Membranes Volumes 10 (12), pp. 390


Scientific meeting

No Scientific Meeting Time and Place
1 Hydrocracking of Palm oil to biogasoline using Ni-Cu Catalyst Semarang, Indonesia, 2020
2 Catalytic Hydrocracking of Palm Oil to Biofuel on

Ni-Cu/Zirconia-Pillared Bentonite

Semarang, Indonesia, 2019
3 Hydrocracking of Palm Oil to Gasoline on Bimetallic Cu-Ni/Zirconia Pillared Bentonite Semarang, Indonesia, 2018
4 Synthesis and Characterization of  Ni-Cu doped Zirconia-pillared Bentonite Palembang, Indonesia, 2017
5 The Textural Properties of zirconia Bentonite Brisbane, Australia, 2016


Community Service


No Year Community Service Activities
1 2019 Leader of the Community Service Team: Carrying out Community Service activities with the title “Experiment-Based Chemistry learning: introduction to the adsorption method of bichromate anion with modified natural zeolite using HDTMA+”, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Mathematics UNDIP at Hidayatullah High School Semarang
2 2019 Community Service Team Leader: Carrying out Community Service activities with the title “Introduction to the Fe (III) Metal Adsorption Method Using Cellulose and Cellulose Acetate from Wood Sawdust”, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Mathematics UNDIP at SMA Al-Azhar Semarang
3 2018 Community Service Team Members: Carry out Community Service activities with the title “Giving Practice and Theory of Complex Chemistry and Ksp for students of SMA Muhammadiyah Kendal
4 2018 Members of the Community Service Team Carry out Community Service activities with the title “Experiment-Based Chemistry Learning Training: Making Various Types of Solution Concentrations and Determining pH”, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, UNDIP at SMA Muhammadiyah 1 Kendal
5 2017 Members of the Implementation Team for Community Service Activities “”Introduction to the Eugenol Isolation Method for Al-Azhar 14 High School students Semarang”
6 2016 Member of Community Service Department of Chemistry (members equal to 1 SKSR): Title: Application of Windows and Linux-based Computing Programs in order to improve the quality of learning and mastery of material for high school chemistry teachers throughout Central Java
7 2016 Member of Community Service Department of Chemistry (member equal to 1 SKSR):Title: Training on the Steam Distillation Method of Orange Peel Essential Oil for Asta Mitra Vocational High School Students in Purwodadi



Professional organization

2015-present, Indonesian Chemical Society





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