Graduates of the chemical study Program have an association of alumni. Chemical Alumni Association is part of the Association of UNDIP Alumni, under the MIPA compartment. The Chemical Alumni Association was established on May 18, 1996. Divided into several working areas, namely:

  1. Central Java and DIY, with Coordinator: Ahmad Saiful Bahri, S.Si.
  2. Jawa Timur, with Coordinator: Slamet Setiadi, S.Si.
  3. Jabotabek, with Coordinator: MUSTAQIM, S.Si. and Ahmad Fathoni, Ph.D.
  4. Kalimantan, with Coordinator: Dr. Ari Widiantoro
  5. Sumatera, with Coordinator: Siti Dania Rohmah, S.Si.
  6. East Indonesia, with Coordinator: Halim Setyo Nugroho, S.Si.
  7. Overseas: Daru Seto Bagus Anugrah, S.Si.

Alumni Association Agenda:

  1. Perform an Alumni tracer.
  2. Provide feedback or feedback to the Department of Chemistry
  3. Provide prospects information in the workplace to students.
  4. Inform Alumni jobs.
  5. Establish a relationship with the institution/company of stakeholders.
  6. Hold meetings and build alumni social networks.
  7. Fundraising to support the activities of students, majors, and alumni.

More detailed activities can be found on the Chemistry Study Program alumni page:


Activities and results of the Association of Alumni for the advancement of courses in academic activities, among others:

  1. Alumni help facilitates student chemistry in the Internship and fieldwork practices (PKL). For example, alumni facilitate students doing PKL activities at the Balai Besar of Industrial Pollution Prevention Technology Semarang (Alumni: Dr. Aris Mukimin, S.Si., Cholid Syahroni, M.Si., Rame, M.Si., Dedy Widya Asiyanto, S.Si.), in UPT Environmental Laboratory of the KAB Environment Office. Cilacap (Alumni: Danie Hidayat, M.Si.).
  2. Alumni become speakers at the curriculum evaluation event and give guest lecture on courses For example discussion group Forum (FGD) evaluation curriculum on May 26th, 2016 “achievement of the competency of chemical graduates through increasing relevance of FSM chemistry curriculum Undip with Regional and Global needs” (Alumni: Mustaqim, S.Si.-Working at PT Advance Stabilindo Industry, Bekasi-and Aji Putro Wicaksono, S.Si.-Working at Gas and Petroleum Inspection MOR IV Division Semarang-)
  3. Alumni become an introductory speaker of the workforce to new students and the Chemistry Student Association. For example as a speaker on the admission activity of new students PS Kimia on 18 May 2017 with the theme “The Key Succes to become an entrepreneur of Chemistry” (Alumni: Roy Wibisono Anang P, S.Si.-Director of PT. Nuanza Porcelain Indonesia-; Henry Andrianto Legowo, S.Si. -Director of PT. Fason Joyolegowo and PT. Permata Kimia Lestari-; and Khasan Rowi, S.Si. -Founder of CV. Dipon Indonesia-).
  4. Alumni provide donations of reference books for libraries and laboratory equipment.

Activities and results of the Association of Alumni for the advancement of courses in non-academic, among others:

  1. Support for alumni funding for student delegation/activity of chemistry
  2. Alumni facilitate the recruitment of labor from fresh graduate chemical graduates.
  3. Alumni engaged in non-academic events such as the event of a chemistry familiarity
  4. Alumni are actively involved in meetings to build social networks (alumni group).
  5. Alumni provide contribution/improvement of facilities.