Vision, Mission, and Purposes


To become a chemistry education institution which is based on research that leads to technology independence and entrepreneurship skills in 2020



  1. To produce graduates who masters the knowledge of chemistry and has the ability to apply it, and has entrepreneurship skills, COMPLETE (Communicator, Profesional, Leader, Educator, Thinker dan Entrepreneur).
  2. To make research for the improvement of chemistry and its application based on its field of interest: (i) Natural Resources and Biomolecules, (ii) Materials and Process, and (iii) Energy.
  3. To apply the results of education and research for fulfilling people’s needs.



  1. To produce graduates who have high academic skills, and who think highly of tolerance in opinions differences, which will support their self-development so they will be able to fulfill the demand of advancing the science of chemistry.
  2. To create excellent research in the field of chemistry, which is applicable in education, industry development, and cooperation in national and international scope.
  3. To create an excellent research center in the field of chemistry by making a variety of research and development which are intensive, creative, and innovative.
  4. To give service to society by applying chemistry principals and their research results.
  5. To establish a good department management system, which leads to delegative organization model.