Ir. Marcelinus Christwardana, S.T., M.T., Ph.D., IPM., ASEAN Eng.

Marcelinus Christwardana

Ir. S.T., M.T., Ph.D., IPM., ASEAN Eng.

assistant professor

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ID Scopus: 55782121900



Universitas Diponegoro, 2008-2012

Pembuatan Edible Film Dari Alginat-Chitosan Sebagai Coating Buah Yang Ramah Lingkungan

Supervisor: Ir. Nur Rokhati, M.T.



Universitas Diponegoro, 2012-2013

Fitoremediasi Dua Tahap Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) Menggunakan Tanaman Air Dan Mikroalga Spirulina Platensis

Supervisor: Dr. Hadiyanto, S.T., M.Sc



Seoul National University of Science and Technology, 2015-2018

Various Strategies of Glucose Oxidase Immobilization to Improve Enzymatic Glucose Biofuel Cell Performance

Supervisor: Yongchai Kwon, PhD.


Engineers Professional Education

Universitas Muslim Indonesia, 2021-2022

Peningkatan Skala Kultivasi Mikroalga Haematococcus pluvialis sebagai Penghasil Bahan Aktif Astaxanthin


Research Projects

No Research Projects Year Budget (Rp.) Source of Funds
1 Pemanfaatan Limbah Kulit Telur Menjadi Kulit Telur Terkalsinasi Dengan Aktivator Alkali Sebagai Elektroda Microbial Fuel

Cell Untuk Produksi Energi

2023 115.000.000 BRIN – LPDP
2 Studi Elektrokimia pada Biofilm Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae sebagai Biokatalis Anoda pada Microbial Fuel

Cell untuk Produksi Bio-listrik

2023 20.000.000 DIPA Sekolah Pascasarjana
3 Hybrid Photo-Biocatalyst Consisting of Titanium Dioxide, Chlorophyll, And Carbon Nanotubes on Flexible Cellulose Nanopaper,

and Its Utilization in A Photo-Bioelectrochemical Cell for Energy Generation

2020-2021 42.000.000 Indonesia Toray Science Foundation (ITSF)
4 Performance of Yeast Microbial Fuel Cell as Submersible Dissolved Oxygen Biosensor 2019-2020 52.000.000 Kurita Water and Environment Foundation (KWEF)



1 Evaluating the Environmental Impacts at the End Point Level of the Biodiesel Production Process from Multiple Feedstocks in Indonesia Through Life Cycle Assessment Methodology

Y. Wahyono*, H. Hadiyanto**, S. H. Gheewala, M. A. Budihardjo, J. S. Adiansyah, W. Widayat, M. Christwardana.

Biomass Valorization. (2023)

2 Effect of NaOH concentration as activator on calcined eggshell and its application for yeast microbial fuel cell

M. Christwardana*, J. Joelianingsih, S. Kuntolaksono, A. Y. Maulana

Bioresource Technology Reports. 21 (2023) 101347


3 Respond surface optimization of bioflocculation of Chlorella vulgaris using filamentous fungus Aspergillus niger pellets to improve harvesting efficiency

H. Hadiyanto*, L. Isaroyati, M. Christwardana, S. Suherman, D. Susilaningsih

Bioresource Technology Reports. 21 (2023) 101378

4 Preliminary Observation of Biogas Production from a Mixture of Cattle Manure and Bagasse Residue in Different Composition Variations

H. Hadiyanto*, F. M. Octafalahanda, J. Nabila, A. K. Jati, M. Christwardana, K. Kusmiyati, A. Khoironi.

International Journal of Renewable Energy Development. 12 (2023) 390-395

5 Synergistic of Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Glucose Oxidase Enzyme as Co-biocatalyst of Enzymatic Microbial Fuel Cell (EMFC) in Converting Sugarcane Bagasse Extract Into Electricity

M. Christwardana*, J. Joelianingsih, L. A. Yoshi

Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering. 13 (2023) 321-332.

6 Fabrication of a Polyvinyl Alcohol-Bentonite Composite Coated on a Carbon Felt Anode for Improving Yeast Microbial Fuel Cell Performance

M. Christwardana*, G.E. Timuda, N. Darsono, H. Widodo, K. Kurniawan, D.S. Khaerudini**

Journal of Power Sources 555 (2023) 232366

7 Bismuth Oxide Prepared by Sol-Gel Method: Variation of Physicochemical Characteristics and Photocatalytic Activity Due to Difference in Calcination Temperature

H. Hadiyanto*, W. Widayat, M. E. Pratiwi, M. Christwardana; K. Muylaert

Environmental Pollutants and Bioavailability, 34 (2022) 338-351

8 Response surface methodology of nickel and cobalt recovery from battery using acid as leaching agent

N.V. Permatasari, H. Hadiyanto*, A. Kawigraha, B. Warsito, & M. Christwardana**

International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering, (2022) 1-12

9 Effect of pH and Ozone Dosage on Characteristic of Ozonated Rice Bran Oil

E. Enjarlis*, M. Christwardana, S. Handayani, S. Fajriah, S. Bismo, J. R. Rahmani, M.T. Hazadin

Molekul 17 (2022) 311-320

10 The Scientometric Evaluation of The Research on Yeast Microbial Fuel Cells as A Promising Sustainable Energy Source

M. Christwardana & D. S. Khaerudini

Analytical and Bioanalytical Electrochemistry, 14 (2022) 768-788

11 Bibliometric Analysis of Global Research Trends on Electrochemical Nitrite Sensing using Scopus Database

S. Kuntolaksono, J. Joelianingsih, L.A. Yoshi, & M. Christwardana

Analytical and Bioanalytical Electrochemistry, 14 (2022) 680-695

12 Binderless carbon nanotube/carbon felt anode to improve yeast microbial fuel cell performance

M. Christwardana*, J. Joelianingsih**, L. A. Yoshi, H. Hadiyanto

Current Research in Green and Sustainable Chemistry 5 (2022) 100323

13 Community Service as an Application of the Independent Learning – Independent Campus Program to Improve the Competence of Chemical Engineering Students

Through Collaborative and Student Project-Based Learning

M. Christwardana*, S. Handayani, E. Enjarlis, I. Ismojo, R. Ratnawati, J. Joelianingsih, L. A. Yoshi

Education for Chemical Engineers 14 (2022) 1 – 7

14 Biodegradation Kinetic Study of Cassava & Tannia Starch-Based Bioplastics as Green Material in Various Media

M. Christwardana*, I. Ismojo, S. Marsudi

Molekul 17 (2022) 19 – 29

15 The Flocculation Process of Chlorella sp. Using Chitosan as a Bio-Flocculant: Optimization of Operating Conditions by Response Surface Methodology

H. Hadiyanto*, W. Widayat, M. Christwardana, M. E. Pratiwi

Current Research in Green and Sustainable Chemistry 5 (2022) 100291

16 Outstanding Photo-bioelectrochemical Cell by Integrating TiO2 and Chlorophyll as Photo-bioanode for Sustainable Energy Generation

M. Christwardana*, A. A. Septevani, L. A. Yoshi

International Journal of Renewable Energy Development 11 (2022) 385-391

17 A Novel of 2D-3D Combination Carbon Electrode to Improve Yeast Microbial Fuel Cell Performance

M. Christwardana*, J. Joelianingsih*, L.A. Yoshi

Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 52 (2022) 801–812

18 Response Surface Optimization of Microalgae Microbial Fuel Cell (MMFC) Enhanced by Yeast Immobilization for Bioelectricity Production

H. Hadiyanto*, M. Christwardana**, W. Z. Pratiwi, P. Purwanto, S. Sudarno, K. Haryani, A. T. Hoang***

Chemosphere 287 part 3 (2022) 132275

19 Optimization of Flocculation Efficiency and Settling Time Using Chitosan and Eggshell as Bio-flocculant in Chlorella pyrenoidosa Harvesting Process

H. Hadiyanto*, M. Christwardana**, W. Widayat, A. K. Jati, S. I. Laes

Environmental Technology & Innovation 24 (2021) 101959

20 Drying air evaluation for antiozonant wax drying process in spray drying tower

M. Christwardana*, I. Miftahushudury

ASEAN Journal of Chemical Engineering 21 (2021) 201-210

21 Sustainable electricity generation from photo-bioelectrochemical cell based on carbon nanotubes and chlorophyll anode

M. Christwardana*, A. A. Septevani, L. A. Yoshi

Solar Energy 227 (2021) 217–223

22 A novel application of simple submersible yeast-based microbial fuel cells as dissolved oxygen sensors in environmental waters

M. Christwardana*, L. A. Yoshi, I. Setyonadi, M. R. Maulana, A. Fudholi

Enzyme and Microbial Technology 149 (2021) 109831

23 Physical, Thermal Stability, and Mechanical Characteristics of New Bioplastic Elastomer from Blends Cassava and Tannia Starches as Green Material

M. Christwardana*, I. Ismojo, S. Marsudi

Molekul 16 (2021) 46 – 56

24 Performance of Yeast Microbial Fuel Cell Integrated with Sugarcane Bagasse Fermentation for COD Reduction and Electricity Generation

M. Christwardana*, J. Joelianingsih*, L.A. Yoshi

Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering & Catalysis, 16 (2021) 446-458

25 Cellulose–Carrageenan coated carbon felt as potential anode structure for yeast microbial fuel cell

M. Christwardana*, A.S. Handayani, R. Yudianti, J. Joelianingsih

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 46 (2021) 6076-6086

26 Membraneless Plant Microbial Fuel Cell using Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) for Green Energy Generation and Biomass Production

I.D. Widharyanti*, M.A. Hendrawan, M. Christwardana

International Journal of Renewable Energy Development 10 (2021) 71-78

27 Effect of H/D ratio and impeller type on power consumption of agitator in continuous stirred tank reactor for nitrocellulose production from cotton linter and nitric acid

M. Christwardana*, G.R. Harvianto, K. Sunandar, W.D. Novian, R. Ramanto

International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering 8 (2020) 20200109

28 Performance and Techno-Economic Analysis of Scaling-up A Single-Chamber Yeast Microbial Fuel Cell as Dissolved Oxygen Biosensor

M. Christwardana*, L.A. Yoshi

International Journal of Renewable Energy Development 9 (2020) 449-454

29 Rubber wastewater treatment using UV, ozone, and UV/ozone and its effluent potency for microalgae Spirulina platensis cultivation medium

H. Hadiyanto*, M. Christwardana, D.I. Pratiwi, S. Silviana, M. Syarifudin, A. Khoironi

Cogent Engineering 7 (2020) 1797980

30 Effects of Yeast Concentration and Microalgal Species on Improving the Performance of Microalgal-Microbial Fuel Cells (MMFCs)

H. Hadiyanto*, M. Christwardana, T. Minasheila, Y.H. Wijaya

International Energy journal 20 (2020) 337 – 344

31 Performance evaluation of yeast-assisted microalgal microbial fuel cells on bioremediation of cafeteria wastewater for electricity generation and

microalgae biomass production

M. Christwardana, H. Hadiyanto, S.A. Motto, S. Sudarno, & K. Haryani

Biomass and Bioenergy 139 (2020). 105617

32 Grafting of Cellulose Fibres Latex by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization

A.S. Handayani*, M. Christwardana, A.A. Septevani, M. Chalid

Polymer-Plastics Technology and Materials 59 (2020) 1326-1331

33 Micro-fibrillated Cellulose Fabrication from Empty Fruit Bunches of Oil Palm

M. Christwardana, A.S. Handayani*, S. Savetlana, R.H. Lumingkewas, M. Chalid

Material Science Forum 1000 (2020) 272-277

34 Degradation of Phenol in Pharmaceutical Wastewater using TiO2/Pumice and O3/Active Carbon

R. Ratnawati, E. Enjarlis, Y.A. Husnil, M. Christwardana, S. Slamet

Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering & Catalysis 15 (2020) 146-54

35 Development of Heterogeneous Alkali Methoxide Catalyst from Fly Ash and Limestone

W. Widayat*, M. Christwardana, S. Syaiful, H. Satriadi, A. Khaibar, M.M. Almaki

Chemistry and Chemical Technology 14 (2020) 521–530

36 Spectroscopic and physicochemical characteristic of ozonated rice brand oil as antimicrobial

E. Enjarlis*, S. Fajriah, S. Bismo, D. Hardika, S. Handayani, S.O. Effendi, M. Christwardana

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 11 (2019) 573-584

37 Glucose biofuel cells using the two-step reduction reaction of bienzyme structure as cathodic catalyst

M. Christwardana, Y. Chung, D.H. Kim, Y. Kwon

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 71 (2019) 435-444

38 Integration of COD Removal, Microalgae Biomass & Bioelectricity Productions in Tapioca Wastewater Treatment by Using Microalgae – Microbial Fuel Cell (MMFC) System

Hadiyanto*, M. Christwardana*, C. da Costa

Energy Sources: Part A (2019) 1-12

39 The Effect of Baking Soda Addition on The Characteristic of Ice Cream from Cow’s Milk

A.N. Nefasa, M. Christwardana, H. Hadiyanto

SCS-CICBIA. 20 (2019) 151 – 165

40 Effects of Carrageenan and Chitosan as Coating Materials on the Thermal Degradation of Microencapsulated Phycocyanin from Spirulina sp

H. Hadiyanto, M. Christwardana, M. Suzery, H. Sutanto, A.M. Nilamsari, A. Yunanda

International Journal of Food Engineering (2019) 20180290

41 Carbon Felt Molecular Modification and Biofilm Augmentation via Quorum Sensing Approach in Yeast-based Microbial Fuel Cells

M. Christwardana, D. Frattini, K.D.Z. Duarte, G. Accardo and Y. Kwon*

Applied Energy 238 (2019) 239-248

42 Glucose biofuel cells using the two-step reduction reaction of bienzyme structure as cathodic catalys

M. Christwardana, Y. Chung, D.H. Kim*, and Y. Kwon

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 71 (2019) 435-444

43 Effects of the gold nanoparticles including different thiol functional groups on the performances of glucose-oxidase-based glucose sensing devices

Y. Chung, M. Christwardana, D.C. Tannia, K. Kim, and Y. Kwon*

Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering 35 (2018) 2421-2429

44 Electrochemical Study of Enzymatic Glucose Sensors Biocatalyst: Thermal Degradation After Long-term Storage

M. Christwardana*, D. Frattini

Chemosensors 6 (2018) 53

45 Optimization of Glucose Concentration and Glucose/Yeast Ratio in Yeast Microbial Fuel Cell using Response Surface Methodology Approach

M. Christwardana, D. Frattini, G. Accardo, S.P. Yoon, Y. Kwon*

Journal of Power Sources. 402 (2018) 402-412

46 Effects of methylene blue and methyl red mediators on performance of yeast based microbial fuel cells adopting polyethylenimine coated carbon felt as anode

M. Christwardana, D. Frattini, G. Accardo, S.P. Yoon, Y. Kwon*.

Journal of Power Sources. 396 (2018) 1-11

47 Early-stage performance evaluation of flowing microbial fuel cells using chemically treated carbon felt and yeast biocatalyst

M. Christwardana, D. Frattini, G. Accardo, S.P. Yoon, Y. Kwon*.

Applied Energy. 222 (2018) 369-382

48 Optimization of Cellulase Production by Aspergillus Niger ITBCC L74 with Bagasse as Substrate using Response Surface Methodology

Abdullah, Hamid, M. Christwardana*, Hadiyanto*.

HAYATI Journal of Biosciences 25 (2018) 115-125

49 Kinetic Study on the Effects of Sugar Addition on the Thermal Degradation of Phycocyanin from Spirulina sp.

Hadiyanto*, M. Christwardana*, Heri Sutanto, Meiny Suzery, D. Amelia, R.F. Aritonang.

Food Bioscience. 22 (2018) 85-90

50 A Hybrid Biocatalyst Consisting of Silver Nanoparticle and Naphthalenethiol Self-Assembled Monolayer Prepared for Anchoring Glucose Oxidase and Its Use for an Enzymatic Biofuel Cell

M. Christwardana, D.H. Kim, Y. Chung*, and Y. Kwon*.

Applied Surface Science 429 (2018) 180-186

51 The Effect of Audible Sound for Enhancing the Growth Rate of Microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis in Vegetative Stage

M. Christwardana* and Hadiyanto*.

HAYATI Journal of Biosciences. 24 (2017) 149-155

52 A correlation of results measured by cyclic voltammogram and impedance spectroscopy in glucose oxidase based biocatalysts

M. Christwardana, Y. Chung*, and Y. Kwon*.

Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering. 34 (2017) 3009-3016


53 Highly sensitive glucose biosensor using new glucose oxidase based biocatalyst

M. Christwardana, J. Ji, Y. Chung*, and Y. Kwon*.

Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering 34 (2017) 2916-2921

54 Combination of physico-chemical entrapment and crosslinking of low activity laccase-based biocathode on carboxylated carbon nanotube for increasing biofuel cell performance

M. Christwardana*.

Enzyme and Microbial Technology. 106 (2017) 1-10

55 Biocatalyst including porous enzyme cluster composite immobilized by two-step crosslinking and its utilization as enzymatic biofuel cell

Y. Chung, M. Christwardana, D.C. Tannia, K. Kim, and Y. Kwon*.

Journal of Power Sources. 360 (2017) 172-179

56 A new biocatalyst employing pyrenecarboxaldehyde and its utilization as anodic catalyst for enhancement in performance and stability of enzymatic biofuel cell

M. Christwardana, Y. Chung, and Y. Kwon*.

NPG Asian Materials. 9 (2017) e386

57 Co-immobilization of glucose oxidase and catalase for enhancing performance of membraneless glucose biofuel cell operated under physiological condition

M. Christwardana, Y. Chung*, and Y. Kwon*.

Nanoscale. 9 (2017) 1993-2002

58 Yeast and carbon nanotube (CNT) based biocatalyst developed by synergetic effects of covalent bonding and hydrophobic interaction for performance enhancement of membraneless microbial fuel cell

M. Christwardana and Y. Kwon*.

Bioresource Technology. 225 (2017) 175-182

59 Microbial fuel cell for simultaneous organic degradation and electricity generation by employing slaughterhouse wastewater as a substrate

A.K. Prabowo, A.P. Tiarasukma, M. Christwardana*, and D. Ariyanti.

International Journal of Renewable Energy Development. 5 (2016) 107-112

60 Development of glucose oxidase-based biocatalyst adopting both physical entrapment and crosslinking and its use in biofuel cell

Y. Ahn, Y. Chung, M. Christwardana, H. Kim, and Y. Kwon*.

Nanoscale, 8 (2016). 9201-9210

61 Fabrication of Mediatorless / Membraneless Glucose / Oxygen Based Biofuel Cell using Biocatalysts Including Glucose Oxidase and Laccase Enzymes

M. Christwardana, K. Kim, and Y. Kwon*.

Scientific Report. 6 (2016) 30128

62 Effects of Multiple Polyaniline Layers Immobilized on Carbon Nanotube and Glutaraldehyde on Performance and Stability of Biofuel Cell

M. Christwardana and Y. Kwon*.

Journal of Power Sources. 299 (2015) 604-610

63 Phytoremediation of Palm oil Mill Effluent (POME) by Using Aquatic Plants and Microalgae for Biomass Production

Hadiyanto*, M. Christwardana, and D. Soetrisnanto.

Journal of Environmental Science and Technology. 6 (2013) 79-90


Community Service


Top 500 Indonesian Researcher by SINTA (based on 3 years score), 2020
Top 2% World Researcher (based on citation score) by Elsevier, 2021

Professional organization

2020 – now, The International Society for Microbial Electrochemistry and Technology (ISMET)
2021 – now, The Bioelectrochemical Society (BES)
2022 – now, Persatuan Insinyur Indonesia (PII)
2023 – now, American Chemical Society (ACS)


No Year Community Service Activities
1 Juli-Desember 2022 Pembuatan lilin aromaterapi berbasis pewangi alami dalam rangka pengembangan wirausaha bagi santri di PP Al-Mahbubiyah Nogotirto, Gamping Sleman
2 Maret-Agustus 2021 Simulasi Proses Produksi Acrylamide Monomer Menggunakan Software Aspen Hysys V7.3 Di PT. Tridomain Chemicals
3 September 2020-Februari 2021 Pengaruh Viskositas Terhadap Kompatibilitas Colorant Paste PT. Propan Raya Industrial Coating & Chemicals
4 Maret-Agustus 2020 Narasumber Pelatihan Nasional “Kiat-Kiat Menulis Artikel Ilmiah Untuk Guru SMA”
5 Maret-Agustus 2019 Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Melalui Pelatihan ‘Paving Block’ Dengan Memanfaatkan Plastik Kresek Bekas Di Desa Setu – Tangerang Selatan
6 September 2018-Februari 2019 Tahap Awal Gap Analysis Terkait Limbah B3 Pada Gas Metering System Di PT. Husky-CNOOC Madura Ltd – Pasuruan


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