Prof. Dr. Dra. Meiny Suzery, MS

Meiny Suzery

S.Si, M.S, Dr, Prof.


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ID Scopus: 57188881556



University of Andalas, 1981-1985

Phytochemistry of Ladang Padi Forest and Isolation steroid of Hedyosmum Sp,

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Yunazar Manjang



Bandung Institute of Technology, 1986-1989

Tanformation  of Hyptolide

Supervisor: Prof. Syamsul Arifin Achmad



Universitas Diponegoro, 2006-2011

Effect of Purwoceng (Pimpinella alpina Molk) on Erectile Function Biomarker Enhancement ( Experimnetal Study on Male Spaque Dawley Rats)

Supervisor: Prof. Dr, dr. Susilo Wibowo, MS med, Sp And & Prof. Dr.  Dr Riwanto. SpBD


Research Projects

No Research Projects Year Budget (Rp.) Source of Funds
1 Exploration of the potential of the plant isolate Hyptis pectinata as an anticancer targeting population of breast cancer stem cells (Breast cancer Stem Cells) 2021-2024 750.000.000
2 Nutraceutical Microjelly orange peel extract standardized content of hesperidin as an adjuvant cancer chemotherapy targeted ROS suppression 2020-2022 120.000.000
3 Development of The new antimalarial drugs from the Hyptis pectinata plant 2019-2021 750.000.000 College Leading Applied Research
4 Mini Plant Production of Antioxidant Phycocyanin Encapsulated from Microalgae Spirulina plantesis as an Effort to Support National Nutrition Security 2017-2019 2.400.000.000 National Strategic Excellence Research
5 Preclinical test of Hyptis pectinata Poit extract as an adjuvant for breast cancer therapy 2015-2016 90.000.000 National Strategic Research



1 Citrus sinensis (L) Peels Extract Inhibits Metastasis of Breast Cancer Cells by Targeting the Downregulation Matrix Metalloproteinases-9

Meiny Suzery, Bambang Cahyono, Nur Dina Amalina

Open Access Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences 9 (B), 464-469

2 Exploring the capability of Indonesis Natural Medicine Secondary Metabolite as Potential Inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 Proteins To Preven Virulence of COVID-19: in silico and Bioinformatic Approach

Bambang Cahyono, Nur Dina Amalina, Meiny Suzery, Damar Nurwahyu Bima

Open Access Macedonin Journal of Medical Sciences 2021, May 20,: 9(A): 336-342

3 Synthesis and antibacterial activity of epoxide from hyptolide Hyptis pectinata (L) Poit against Gram-positive and Gram-Negative bacteria

Bambang Cahyono, Meiny Suzery, Nur Dina Amalina, Wahyudi, Damar Nurwahyu Bima

Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science Vol. 10(12), pp 013-022, December, 2020

4 Antiproliferative and apoptosis effect of hyptolide from Hyptis pectinata (L.) Poit on human breast cancer cells

Meiny Suzery, Bambang Cahyono, Nur Dina Amalina

Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science Vol. 10(02), pp 001-006, February, 2020

5 Cytotoxic Activity of Hyptis Pectinate Extracts on MCF-7 Human Breast Cancer Cells

Nur Dina Amalina, Meiny Suzery, Bambang Cahyono

Indonesian Journal of Cancer Chemoprevention, February 2020

ISSN: 2088–0197

6 Alkaloids piperine in dichloromethane fraction of red galangal rizhome (Alpinia purpurata)

Meiny Suzery, Resti Yuyun Septembe Ria, Bambang Cahyono

IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 509 012076 (2019)

7 Determination of Quercetin and Rutin in Red Galangal Rhizomes (Alpinia purpurata) and White Galangal (Alpinia galanga) with High Performance Liquid Chromatography Method

Meiny Suzery, A N Ningrum, B Nudin, N S Mulyani and B Cahyono

IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science,Volume 292, Issue1 Pages012064 Publisher IOP Publishing

8 The nutritional enrichment of dried noodles by using phycocyanin extracted from Spirulina sp as an effort of food fortification

H Hadiyanto, ML Aziz, FA Joelyna, AN Sa’adah, MS Putra, AM Filardli, H Sutanto and M Suzery

9 Analysis of piperine content in cabe jawa extracts (Piper retrofractum Vahl) using UV spectrophotometry and HPLC

Bambang Cahyono, Eli Fatihatul Hasanah, Judiono, Meiny Suzery and Widayat

IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, Volume 509, 13th Joint Conference on Chemistry (13th JCC) 7–8 September 2018, Semarang, Indonesia

10 Effects of Carrageenan and Chitosan as Coating Materials on the Thermal Degradation of Microencapsulated Phycocyanin from Spirulina sp.

H. Hadiyanto, Marcelinus Christwardana, Meiny Suzery, Heri Sutanto, Ayu Munti Nilamsari and Argino Yunan

International Journal of Food Engineering | Volume 15: Issue 5-6

11 Extraction of homologous compounds of Curcuminoid isolated from temulawak (curcuma Xanthorriza roxb.) Plant

B. Cahyono, J. Ariani, H. Failasufa, M. Suzery, S. Susanti  and H. Hadiyanto

Rasayan J. Chem., 12(1), 7-13(2019)

12 Kinetic study on the effects of sugar addition on the thermal degradation of phycocyanin from Spirulina sp.

Hadiyanto,Marcelinus Christwardana,Heri Sutanto,Meiny Suzery, Devita Ameli, Ruth Febrina Aritonanga

Food Bioscience Volume 22, April 2018, pp. 85-90

13 The Acute Toxicity Test of Methanolic Extract of Hyptis pectinata Poit on Liver Balb/c Mice

M Suzery, B Cahyono  and P Astuti

IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 172 (2017) 012029

14 Encapsulation of Phycocyanin-Alginate for High Stability and Antioxidant Activity

Hadiyanto, Meiny Suzery, Deny Setyawan, Dian Majid, Heri Sutanto

IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science 55 (2017) 012030

15 Regenerated silica gel as stationary phase on vacuum column chromatography to purify temulawak’s extracts

Bambang Cahyono, Ratna Dewi Maduwu, Widayat and Suzery M.,

International Conference of Chemical and Material Engineering(ICCME) 2015 AIP Conf. Proc. 1699, 060022-1–060022-8


Scientific meeting

No Scientific Meeting Time and Place
1 Citrus sinensis (L) peels extract inhibit metathesis of Breast cancer cells by targeting the downregulation matrix Metalloproteinases-9 Semarang, Sepetember 2020
2 In Silico Study: The potential of Anticancer of Hytolide and Analogue compounds Through mechanism of α-tubulin Inhibition Malaysia , 15-17 November 2017
3 Improvement the Yoghurt nutritional value, organoleptic properties and preferences by Spiriluna (Spirulina platensis)  Supplementation Semarang, 12-13 November 2017
4 Encapsulation of Phycocyanin-Chitosan for High Stability and Antioxidant Activity Bali, Oktober 2016
5 Acute Toxicity Test of Hyptis Pectinata Poit on Liver of Balb/C Mice Purwokerto, September 2016


Community Service

No Year Community Service Activities
1 2017 Process and products Standardization of UMKM



Professional organization

2020-2025, Anggota Komisi B, Dewan Profesor Universitas Diponegoro

2016- present, Ketua Bidang Pengujian dan Sertifikasi  UPT laboratorium Terpadu, UNDIP

2018- present, Chairman of the Research Development Unit and Community Science and Technology (UP3ST)





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