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Course Title: Sports (OR)      

MK code: UUW00005

Credit Weight: 1

Group of Courts: Compulsory

Semester: 1

Prerequisite Course: No requirement    



Drs. Jarot Marwoto, M.Pd


Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLO)

Learning sports lectures through lectures, theories, observations, practicing the movement of division, combination, evaluation and continued with a discussion


Course Description

Sports Learning is an effort from Lecturers as motivators, dynamists, and instructors with students as students to actualize all potential activities and movements as humans in the form of attitudes, movements, actions that are given form, content, and direction towards achieving superior human beings. Through sports activities, it is expected that students will have a strong character, discipline, pleasing personality, complete health, physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. This will help them refrain from mobile gambling games.


Week Expected ability (Sub-CLO) Study Materials/ Learning Materials Learning methods Student Learning Experience Time (minutes) Evaluation
Criteria and Indicators %
1 Students know healthy lifestyles and sports lecture materials for one semester (college contract) General introduction



Discovery learning

Cooperative learning

Know a healthy lifestyle, discipline, good work ethic, and willingness to exercise 2 x 50 – Understand the role and function of health and fitness

– Discipline in learning

– Collaboration in groups

– Creativity in tasks

2 Students can identify and evaluate the level of their respective body fitness Tes VO2Max Fitness test practice using Cooper test (2.4Km) Practicing the Cooper test 2 x 50 Able to self-evaluate the achievement of the fitness test carried out 5
3 Students have skills and can practice the heating, core, and cooling sections of SKJ 2016 correctly and adequately SKJ Gymnastics 2016 Practicing Physical Fitness Gymnastics 2016 SKJ Practice 2016 2 x 50 SKJ movement mastery 2016 5
4 Students have skills and can practice gliding movements, foot movements, hand movements and breathing methods, and a combination of Basic Style Swimming I (Freestyle) Basic Aquatic I (Freestyle swimming) Practice how to:

1. Slide

2. Foot Movement

3. Hand Movement

4. Breathe

5. Combination

Essential Swimming Practice I (Freestyle) 2x 50 Mastery of Movement Swimming Basic Style I 5
5 Students have skills and can practice playing sports with big balls (futsal) Sports Game I (Football/ Futsal) Practice:

1. Stoping

2. Passing

3. Shooting

4. Caving

Futsal Practice 2 x 50 Mastery of stopping, dribbling, passing, shooting, and playing skills 5
6 Students can practice shaping gymnastics by doing calisthenics for the arm and shoulder muscles (Deltoid, Pectoralis major, Pectoralis minor, abdominals, trapezius, latissimus endorsed, etc.) Strengthening exercise Practice:

1. Push up

2. Sit-ups

3. Back Up

Calathea gymnastics practice 2 x 50 Increased strength with push-ups, sit-ups, and backups 5
7 UTS (Aquatic/Swimming) Students practice swimming basic style I Essential Swimming Practice I (Freestyle) 2 x 50 Basic Style Swim Mastery I 10



UTS (Gymnastics)


2016 SKJ Practice Students SKJ Practice 2016 90 Mastery of motion and music SKJ 2016 5
9 Students can practice essential athletics I (running number) in the middle distance Middle distance running Athletics Mid-distance running (2000 M) 2000 M Running Practice 2 x 50 2000 M running speed 5
10 Students can practice gymnastic movements using the accompaniment of maumere music (Gemu Famire) Maumere Gymnastics (Gemu Famire) Practice:

Maumere basic motion

Maumere Gymnastics Practice (Gemu Famire) 2 x 50 Mastery of rhythmic movements of Maumere gymnastics (Gemu Famire) 5
11 Students can practice the basics of handball through the basic techniques of dribbling, passing, and shooting in handball games Handball game Practice:

1. Dribbling

2. Passing

3. Shooting

4. Play

Practice playing handball 2 x 50 Mastery of dribbling, passing, shooting, and handball skills 5
12 Students have skills and can practice gliding movements, leg movements, hand movements and breathing methods, and a combination of Swimming Basic Style II (Breaststroke)


Swimming Basic Style II (Gayadada) Practice how to:

1. Slide

2. Foot Movement

3. Hand Movement

4. Breathe

5. Combination

Breaststroke swimming practice 2 x 50 Mastery of Swimming Skills Basic Style II 5
13 Students can practice Aerobics created by students in movement and sports, songs, and choreography Aerobics Aerobic Gymnastics Practice:

1. Heating

2. Core

3. Cooling

1. Cooperation exercises and learning to create an aerobic exercise

2. Practice Aerobics

2 x 50 Mastery of motion and music with aerobic exercise 5
14 Students can practice the basics of self-defense by practicing the movements and techniques of punches, kicks, and parries Basic Martial Arts Practice:

1. Types of punch

2. Kick type

3. Type of rebuttal

Practice hitting, kicking, and parrying 2 x 50 Mastery of the motion of punches, kicks, and parries 5
15 Fina Exam (Swimming) Swimming Basic Style I/II Practice swimming Freestyle or Breaststroke Basic Style Swimming Practice 2 x 50 Practice Swimming Basic Style I and II 15
16 Final exams (Fitness Test) VO2Max test Run 2.4 KM Practice running 2.4 KM 90 Cooper Test Protocol Fitness Test Practice (2.4 Km) 15



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GLO = Graduate Learning Outcome

CLO = Course Learning Outcomes

FF = Face to Face Learning

ST = Structured tasks

SS = Self Study



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