Kuliah Kerja Nyata (KKN), or Real-World Learning, is one of the higher education programs aimed at providing direct experience to students in applying the knowledge and skills they have acquired in their studies. In implementing the KKN program, lecturers play a crucial role as Field Supervisors (DPL) who are responsible for guiding and supervising students during the KKN implementation.

During the training, the candidate Field Supervisors for KKN were provided with a deep understanding of the concepts, objectives, and implementation processes of KKN. They were also equipped with knowledge of the relevant regulations and effective mentoring strategies. The training materials covered aspects of KKN assessment and evaluation, time management, and effective communication.

In addition, Reviewers for research and community engagement play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and sustainability of research and community engagement activities. To prepare the reviewer candidates for their tasks, training activities were conducted to enhance their competence and quality in reviewing research and community engagement proposals.

The training was designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the principles and guidelines for proposal reviewing. The reviewer candidates were given in-depth knowledge of evaluation criteria, research methodologies, sustainability of outcomes, and the expected impact of research and community engagement activities. They were also educated on research ethics, intellectual property protection, and ethical considerations in community engagement.

During the training, the reviewer candidates actively participated in practical exercises in reviewing research and community engagement proposals. They were provided with sample proposals and guided in identifying strengths and weaknesses, evaluating research methods used, and providing suggestions and recommendations to enhance proposal quality.

These training activities have made a significant contribution to preparing the Field Supervisors to become effective mentors. With the competencies gained through this training, it is expected that the KKN program will run smoothly and provide maximum benefits to the students and the communities they serve.



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