A Brief History of Department of Chemistry
Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Diponegoro University

Chemistry major in Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Diponegoro University was established under the supervision of BP-MIPA (Management Board of Mathematics and Natural Sciences) in 1988, based on Head of Diponegoro University’s Decree no. 63/SK/PT09/1988 and Head of Diponegoro University’s Decree no. 103/SK/PT09/1986. According to the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Decree no. 0369/0/1993, Directorate General of Higher Education’s Decree No. 15/DIKTI/KEP/1994 and No. 22 O/DIKTI/KEP/1996, Chemistry Department is officially one of the majors in Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Diponegoro University. Based on Head of Diponegoro University’s Decree No. 160/SK/PT09/1994 and the decision of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Consortium, Chemistry Department ran its undergraduate program for the first time with 144 SKS and a total study period of 4 years.

During its development, Chemistry Department in Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Diponegoro University, has five expertise groups, they are Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Biochemistry. After more than 10 years of its establishment, and going through a series of development process, BAN-PT (National Accreditation Board of Higher Education) gave grade B to Chemistry major in 1998. It was given through BAN-PT’s Decree No. 0086/Ak-I.1/UDEKHM/VIII/1998. Then it was reaccredited by BAN-PT in 2004 which resulted in getting grade C, it was given through BAN-PT’s Decree No. 06348/Ak-VIII-0/UDEKHM/ IV/2003. In 2007, Chemistry major got B grade through BAN-PT’s Decree No. 030/BAN.PT/AK/X/S.1/XII/2007. Finally, in 2013 Chemistry Department received grade A from BAN-PT through its decree No. 237/SK/BAN-PT/Ak-XVI/S/XI/2013.

In its 18th anniversary, Chemistry Department, Diponegoro University is still attempting to prepare graduates who are able to face global challenges. To make that happen, Chemistry Department has vision that in 2018, the department will become the Center of Chemistry Educational and Research Activities with its applications that will produce graduates with competitive excellence in improving the value and dignity of people.The mission is to develop all potentials cohesively. So, there will be academic society created through the process of education, research, and the applications to every laboratories and research teams. They will do qualified research that corresponds to the current development, for the sake of national welfare, so people will still have interest in and appreciate chemistry.

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