The objective of the Chemistry Undergraduate Program is to produce graduates who have mastered the chemical sciences and their application and have the entrepreneurial skills needed to compete internationally. These competencies can be described as follows:

  1. To be competent, qualified, competitive and possess entrepreneurial spirit as a result of student-centered learning methods (SCL) and long-life learning principles based on morals. These characteristics are needed to overcome community problems, to become involved in the development of science and technology, and to be able to adapt to industrial development.
  2. To be capable of conducting chemical research, proactively, creatively, innovatively and intensively, in the local, national and international scope for the benefit of others.
  3. To be able to contribute to the local community and the nation through the ability to identify and analyze community problems and then apply appropriate chemical science and technology to solve these problems, either partially or completely. These contributions are important for improving the quality of people’s lives.
  4. To be able to take on leadership roles and have a sense of professional ethics with high personal integrity.
  5. To be able to work both independently and collaboratively in teams that consist of various disciplines.