Alumni community for graduates of Chemistry Department is called IKA Kimia part of alumni community of Diponegoro University (IKA UNDIP). It has been established on 18th May 1996. IKA Kimia is spread in 7th regions and every region is represented by regional coordinator, that are:

  1. Central Java and Yogyakarta
    Regional coordinator: Ahmad Saiful Bahri, S.Si.
  2. East Java
    Regional coordinator: Slamet Setiadi, S.Si.
  3. Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi (Jabotabek)
    Regional coordinator: Mustaqim, S.Si.
  4. Kalimantan
    Regional coordinator: Dr. Ari Widiantoro
  5. Sumatera
    Regional coordinator: Siti Dania Rohmah, S.Si.
  6. Indonesia Timur
    Regional coordinator: Halim Nugroho, S.Si.
  7. Overseas
    Regional coordinator: Wisnu, S.Si, MSc

Alumni community’s Activities

  1. Alumni data collection/Tracing alumni
  2. Providing feedback to Chemistry Department related to the curriculum development
  3. Providing information on career prospects
  4. Providing Information of job vacancies
  5. Collaborating with institution or company of stakeholders
  6. Meetings to build alumni social networks
  7. Fundraising to support activities of students, department, and alumni

More detailed activities can be accessed in

Some activities have been conducted in term of academics

  1. Alumni facilitate students for internship and fieldwork (PKL). Students were undertaken internship in the Balai Besar of Industrial Pollution Prevention Technology Semarang and in the UPT Environmental Laboratory of the KAB Environment Office, Cilacap
  1. Alumni become speakers at the curriculum evaluation event and guest lecturer on courses Discussion group forum (FGD) evaluation curriculum on May 26th, 2016 with the title “Pencapaian Kompetensi Lulusan Kimia Melalui Peningkatan Relevansi Kurikulum Kimia FSM Undip Dengan Kebutuhan Regional maupun Global”
  2. Alumni become invited speaker on career prospects. Talkshow “The Key Succes to become an entrepreneur of Chemistry” held on 18th May 2017
  3. Alumni contribute on improvement of facilities. Alumni donate reference books and laboratory equipment

Alumni community’s activities in term of non-academic

  1. Alumni donation for chemistry student delegations/activities
  2. Facilitating job vacancies recruitment for fresh graduates.
  3. Actively involved in non-academic events such as chemistry gathering event.
  4. Actively involved in meetings to build social networks


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