The objective of the Chemistry Undergraduate Program is to develop graduates with a knowledge of the chemical sciences and its applications, as well as the requisite entrepreneurial skills for global competitiveness. These competences may be stated in the following manner:

  1. To be competent, qualified, competitive, and exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit as a result of student-centered learning methods (SCL) and morally based lifelong learning principles. These traits are necessary for overcoming community issues, participating in the advancement of science and technology, and adapting to industrial development.
  2. To be competent of undertaking chemical research pro-actively, creatively, innovatively, and intensely for the benefit of others on a local, national, and worldwide scale.
  3. To be able to contribute to the local community and the country by identifying and analyzing community issues and using the necessary chemical science and technology to address these problems, either in part or in whole. These contributions are essential for enhancing the quality of human life.
  4. To be capable to take leadership responsibilities and to possess a strong sense of professional ethics and personal integrity.
  5. To be capable of working both alone and collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams.


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