The series of 2021 Chemistry New Student Admission (PMB) activities will be held from 16 August 2021-21 August 2021 online using zoom. Starting with the opening by the Dean of FSM, Prof. Dr. Widowati, M.Si to all new students in the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, then participants in the break out room to their respective departments. The 2021 PMB Chemistry activity was opened with remarks from the Head of the Chemistry Department, Adi Darmawan, Ph.D, then continued with an introduction to the profile of the study program, including guardian lecturers to all academic staff of the Chemistry Department S1 Diponegoro University, and guidelines for filling out the Study Plan Card (KRS). In the 2021/2022 academic year, the Chemistry Department of Diponegoro University obtained 183 new undergraduate students, consisting of 38 students from the SNMPTN pathway, 51 students from the SBMPTN pathway, 90 students from the Independent pathway, and 4 International Undergraduate Program (IUP) students. . It is hoped that through this PMB activity, new students are more familiar with the new environment, especially the Chemistry Department, and the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in general, so that teaching and learning activities in the future will be smoother and better. Welcome to Chemistry 2021, happy learning, working and achieving!




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