Pekalongan (9/08/2023) – In the third week of the activities of TIM II KKN Undip 2022/2023 in Werdi Village, Paninggaran District, Pekalongan Regency, a Monodisciplinary Program for Making Anti Mosquito Spray from Lemongrass was carried out by Nida Fauziyah (22), a Chemistry student class of 2020.

Dengue fever cases continue to increase every year. Many things trigger this dengue case, including the area of residence that has high rainfall so that rainwater can stagnate in places or used garbage cans, then it can also be caused by the virus from the Aedes Aegypti mosquito which can spread the dengue virus by biting someone infected with the dengue virus which then the virus enters the bloodstream and dengue symptoms arise.

Picture 1: Poster on how to make lemongrass anti-mosquito spray

Mosquito repellent spray made from lemongrass stem extract is a liquid product that can eradicate mosquitoes. This lemongrass stem extract contains essential mints that contain methylheptenone, geraniol, and citronellal. Lemongrass stems can make mosquito breathing disrupted.

Mosquito repellents commonly used by the public contain harmful chemicals such as N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide (DEET), which is usually found in mosquito lation, which can cause skin irritation if used for a long time.

Werdi Village in Paninggaran Sub-district, Pekalongan Regency is one of the areas with high dengue cases. Therefore, a simple mosquito repellent is needed. This mosquito repellent is made in the form of a spray so that it can be used effectively and efficiently.

Picture 2. Process of Making Mosquito Repellent Spray from Lemongrass

Making anti-mosquito spray from lemongrass is easy so it can be made at home. First of all, 10 lemongrass stalks that have been washed clean then cut into small pieces. Then, the cut lemongrass is put into 250 mL of water and blended until smooth. And then, put The lemongrass blender residue into a spray bottle. This lemongrass-based anti-mosquito spray is ready to be used to eradicate mosquitoes in Werdi Village.

Picture 3. Product Results

The work program, which was carried out on Monday, July 24, 2023, received a positive response from PKK women and the people of Werdi Village because it was useful and also simple to make. This lemongrass anti-mosquito spray is not only cheap but also has a distinctive aroma that keeps mosquitoes away.

Author             : Nida Fauziyah

DPL                : Mujiono Hafidh Prasetyo, S. H., M. H., LL. M

KKN TIM II UNDIP 2022/2023





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