Semarang (5/7), A talk show under the theme “Students’ Self-motivation in exploring ang optimizing skills in anticipation of Global Competition in Industrial Era 4.0” had been held in a conference room in the third floor of Dean Bulding of the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Diponegoro University. The talk show presented three notable speakers who were the very alumni of the Demartment of Chemistry. The three speakers excitedly share their inspiring story of their career and life. The talk show was attended by enthusiast students of the department. Such program is very remarkably promoted to inspire and motivate students in character development, skill development and social empathy in the face of the global challenge of Industrial Era 4.0

The first to share his story was Dr. Faizal Ishom, S.Si, M.Eng who thread his career as  an Engineer in B2TKE, BPPT. He was student of the first batch of the department of Chemistry back in 1988. He shared his story on how he struggled to survive in college and competed for a scholarship in Japan. His successful career as an engineer in B2TKE is completely indebted to his small steps and important decisions in his youth to explore and improve his knowledge and skills. He started to improve his English and expanded his knowledge to other disciplines outside chemistry.

The second to share her story was Ratih Rizki Nirwana, S.Si, M.Pd. She is a respected chemistry lecturer in Walisongo Islamic State University and the Director of Oriflame. She shared a story on how she really wanted to apply the knowledge of chemistry she had acquired in college to working life. As the result of her hard work, determination and passion, she succeeded not only in practical application of her knowledge to make-up industry, but also in passing her expertise in chemistry education.

The third to share the story was Fajar Budi Laksono, S.Si, M.Eng. He is the CEO of Dtech-Engineering and Nyayur Indonesia. He was the student of the department batch 2009 before pursuing his master degree engineering. He founded a startup company named Dtech-Engineering and Nyayur Indonesia, an application that connect sellers and buyers with pre-order system. The application was successful in reducing the loss risk in sellers’ part which normally takes place when the product delivered is not as good as presented. The application was also popular because of its success in enabling purchase only based on demand, thus oversupply may be avoided.

The talk show concluded that industrial development requires adaptation and self-improvement in fast response. In industrial era 4.0, we no longer compete with fellow human beings, but more with the fast development of technology and industrialization. Companies had decided to massively reduced their men force and utilize machines/system in exchange to minimize the cost of production, human error and accidents. In response to that challenge, particular skills and expertise is needed to be improved.